Georges Gustave Baron

  • Born 1968, my soul got drained in this body by the then terrific music I still worship today!!!
  • Multicultural from the very begining, I travelled the world, hell and paradise through my humanitarian activities and privatly...
  • Since 2000, I enjoy peace with my wife and my daughter at the bottom of the french Alps

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Music from the end of humanity; Music for better times.
This first production is a double CD, where the first 11 titles CD could be called "From Here to There; Would You Dare?", and the second 11 titles CD could be called "From There to Here; I Can Hear!"
Many thanks to Pedrito, playing guitar on Love Song and holding 5 minutes on maracas! on the first song, to Pierre Schmitt for the picture seen on the very left, and to Alex and Marianne, Nathalie, Anja and Pierre, Donna, Nathalie and Joël, Martine, Stéphanie and Pierre, Christophe, Agnès and Charly (to whom this album is dedicated) for all their support all along those years...
Release date: June 2007

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This second album is also in English, but benefits from a broader variety of instruments, and lyrics a little more on an optimistic side, calling for the potential inside each of us to be revealed and followed...
No special guests to come and join me in my studio, but I could not resist using the "Also Sprach Zarathoustra" famous play by Richard Strauss, adapted in a great funky style by Eumir Deodato, to build the corner stone/song of this album, with lyrics adapted from Friedrich Nietzsche's book, where the main title finds its meaning: Beware! You may become who you are!

PS: It's only up to you !!!! ;)

Release date: June 2008

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This third album is also the first one in French. It benefits from the same variety of instruments, but the styles of the different songs are a bit different: there still are rock, pop and blues songs, but you will also find some reggae and country style songs.
All instruments are played by the author, but you will find 2 songs with a very special guest to perform the lyrics: my daughter Alexandra! The main theme of this album is love, with its good but also bad sides. Thus, the first part is a little darker (quest for love, loved ones who died, parted couples, perverts) followed by the second half on a brighter side (love who you are and what you do, mother's day, lullaby, friendship, family).

PS: Look! It's all around you !!!! ;)

Release date: July 2009